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New Love & Widened Horizons Later in Life

Audible Eve!

When expressed interest in recording Love, Again, I expressed interest in being the reader. I auditioned with a sample recorded while standing in front of a friend's computer. They accepted, the work is done and available at Amazon - where you can listen to a sample.

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A Letter to Treasure

I've received a lovely letter from a 70 year old woman and posted it under the About You tab. Enjoy!
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Being Useful

At a party the other night, I was introduced to a widower who is tentatively beginning a new relationship after losing his wife of many years. I was delighted to learn that he has my book on his bedside table, and he is planning to send another copy to his prospective girlfriend. A single woman in her 60s, hearing this, said that she had better get one too.

So nice to feel that my book can be helpful to people…. Read More 
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Two of my passions, writing and running, usually occupy very separate aspects of my life, but they came together last Sunday in the Dipsea race, a 7+ mile cross-country run over treacherous, steep, scenic trails. It’s handicapped, with the oldest, slowest runners getting a head start--and since I am 78 and slow, off I go  Read More 
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Big Thank You to Cynthia Gorney & Bill Sokol

Wonderful book party in Oakland hosted by ace writer and hostess Cynthia Gorney and master of the barbecue Bill Sokol; many old friends came. Wonderful sitting out under the trees, lots of good food, outstanding people. There were a few trust and estate lawyers present, so — along with my general remarks — I reminded them  Read More 
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Love Advice, 5 cents

Since "Love, Again: The Wisdom of Unexpected Romance," came out, I have received some letters asking for advice about relationships. (See my web page for questions and answers). Book Passage, a wonderful local store, in celebration of Independent Bookstore Day last Saturday, asked me to go there, sit at a table like Lucy in the Peanuts cartoon, and dispense advice on issues involving older people and romance, 10 minutes per person. Quite a few signed up. There were men in search of women, women in search of men. See the Events page for a photo of me with a "client." I hope they found it worth the 5-cent fee!  Read More 
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Los Angeles

A fascinating trip to L.A. last week to read at the monthly meeting of Women Who Write, hosted by the firecracker Vicki Abelson. The theme of the day: older women and sex in fact and fiction. Attendance was lower than usual, Vicki thought perhaps because older women and sex is such a charged and scary subject--particularly, I thought, in the entertainment industry where it is important to look youthful at any age. The three readers emphasized unexpected and positive events in the lives of older women. Then in the lively q & a after our readings, the women were quite frank about their worries and relayed some nasty experiences involving rejection by men who wanted women with younger bodies. The featured writers were Lynn Brown Rosenbaum reading "My Sexual Awakening at 70," Jennifer Edwards' reading from her novel "When Angels Cry" and, of course, me, reading from "Love, Again." Read More 
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Connecting the Dots - Live on KPOO

"Eve Pell will discuss her new book, “Love, Again: The Wisdom of Unexpected Romance” where she beautifully and thoughtfully concludes that life experience adds dimensions to the art of connection—and that we all stand to learn something from unexpected romance. “Connecting the Dots,” on KPOO 89.5 FM this Thursday at 1:00 P.M. About time!!! Call in with comments or a story: 415-346-5376. Best to stream on your computer by going to Read More 
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Authors on the Move

I was looking forward to being at the Authors on the Move event in Sacramento last weekend. Not wanting to be behind the wheel for the round trip, I responded to the organizers' offer to find car pools for those of us coming in from out of town. They sent me a name, Josie Iselin, from San Francisco. A recognizable name.

I know I have cousins named Iselin, and sure enough, it turns out that she and I are third cousins once removed. (How 'bout that?) Josie is a multi-talented photographer/author/designer: for an array of knockout images, check out her web page,  Read More 
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Springtime Book Events

I'll be appearing up and down California this month. On March 14, I'm one of the "Authors On the Move," at the annual fund-raising dinner for the Sacramento Public Library. Then, on the 19th, Judy Drummond will interview me for KPOO. A week later the Mill Valley Book Depot has scheduled a reading and signing of "Love, Again." Then, on March 31, a road trip to Los Angeles to appear at "Women Who Write" — an organization of women "in the industry" — always a lively event.  Read More 
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