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New Love & Widened Horizons Later in Life

Los Angeles

A fascinating trip to L.A. last week to read at the monthly meeting of Women Who Write, hosted by the firecracker Vicki Abelson. The theme of the day: older women and sex in fact and fiction. Attendance was lower than usual, Vicki thought perhaps because older women and sex is such a charged and scary subject--particularly, I thought, in the entertainment industry where it is important to look youthful at any age. The three readers emphasized unexpected and positive events in the lives of older women. Then in the lively q & a after our readings, the women were quite frank about their worries and relayed some nasty experiences involving rejection by men who wanted women with younger bodies. The featured writers were Lynn Brown Rosenbaum reading "My Sexual Awakening at 70," Jennifer Edwards' reading from her novel "When Angels Cry" and, of course, me, reading from "Love, Again."
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