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New Love & Widened Horizons Later in Life


Many thanks to the people who took the time to write Customer Reviews on Amazon--it's always interesting to see what themes in the book provoke comment and how readers react. (Nothing yet on Barnes and Noble.) Also, I welcome comments on this web site--what aspects of the book did you like or not like? Take a look and comment on their comments!
The first begins
"Eve Pell is not a stranger to me.

I read her "Modern Love" column in the NY Times a few years ago, where she spoke of her meeting a man, so unlike any of the men she had ever experienced in her life, married to or otherwise. And beyond meeting this man, within a year, deciding that this man would change her life more profoundly, than any before him, and so within a short time, she married him.

But to many, such events were the plot lines of romance novels for men and women four to five decades younger."

The second writes:
"Love Again: the Wisdom of Unexpected Romance is a treasure of wonderful older-age love stories: warm, funny, intelligent, sensitive, heart-rending, and up-lifting. Who could imagine at age 18 that at age 68 he or she would fall in love and that his or her heart would beat every bit as wildly! But, as witnessed by all the couples in Eve Pell’s revealing and inspiring book, it happens. In fact, as she discovered in her own story, at an older age the heart is not fettered by the problems of raising kids or struggling to be successful in business or any of the challenges of young marrieds. The heart is free to do nothing but enjoy life with a spouse or partner or lover of choice for as long as possible. This book is the perfect Valentine’s gift for anyone at any age with a heart! "
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