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New Love & Widened Horizons Later in Life

Springtime Book Events

I'll be appearing up and down California this month. On March 14, I'm one of the "Authors On the Move," at the annual fund-raising dinner for the Sacramento Public Library. Then, on the 19th, Judy Drummond will interview me for KPOO. A week later the Mill Valley Book Depot has scheduled a reading and signing of "Love, Again." Then, on March 31, a road trip to Los Angeles to appear at "Women Who Write" — an organization of women "in the industry" — always a lively event.

On April 9th, my birthday, I'll be on the schedule of Why There Are Words in Sausalito, an event featuring Bay Area writers that is well-attended even though there is an admission charge of $10. And on April 28, Cynthia Gorney is hosting a book party in the East Bay.

As soon as links are available, each of these will be listed under the events tab.
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