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New Love & Widened Horizons Later in Life

Big Thank You to Cynthia Gorney & Bill Sokol

Wonderful book party in Oakland hosted by ace writer and hostess Cynthia Gorney and master of the barbecue Bill Sokol; many old friends came. Wonderful sitting out under the trees, lots of good food, outstanding people. There were a few trust and estate lawyers present, so — along with my general remarks — I reminded them that many members of their profession automatically dislike it when one of their clients falls in love late in life, assuming that each new woman is a gold-digger and each new man in search of a nurse and a purse.

They have an obligation to protect their clients, of course, but I urged them to keep open minds about the new relationship, which may be a great source of happiness for their client. My book has many examples of enviable, mutually supportive new relationships formed by couples ranging in age from 60 to the mid-90s.

Marion from Mrs. Dalloway's bookstore came and sold quite a few copies, so the evening was both a social and a commercial success. Thank you Cynthia and Bill.
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