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Eve Pell is available for interviews and talks on a variety of topics

... New Love in Old Age: Medicare-age men and women falling in love: how they meet, the various ways they arrange their lives to be together (and apart), mortality, and some of the problems encountered along the way. Perhaps the latest sexual stereotype to fall is the idea that romance is the property of the young: all the couples I interviewed for my book find sex a very important aspect of their relationship.

...Dear Granny Abby: Exploring the problems older people encounter when entering into a relationship. The most common: not money, not health, but something else--their grown children.

...Staying competitive as a senior athlete--maintaining physical fitness and keeping the competitive spark alive after your peak performances have begun to decline. Setting age-appropriate goals, and getting used to being beaten by people you used to beat--and, most important, enjoying your status as an aging jock.

America's Upper Crust: How we are Raised to be Different--language as indicator of class (never call a sofa a couch); teaching kids their special place in society.