“A heart-warming, eye-opening, life-affirming journey to the final frontier of romance--this is a beautiful book about the possibility of late-in-life love and the life-changing lessons we all can learn from those who have been lucky enough to find it.”
— Katie Couric

“I remarried at 75 and have followed 100 marriages from age 50 until death or age 90. Eve Pell knows what she is talking about. Her book is touching, eye opening, inspiring and very wise. In addition, it is beautifully written.”
— George E Vaillant M.D., author of Triumphs of Experience

“After two marriages and two divorces, Eve Pell, in her seventh decade, dared to love again. Sam Hirabayashi, whom she loved and lost, was the inspiration for this book. She decided to seek out others who found love in their final years. Her career as an investigative reporter served her in discovering such couples and learning their stories which, along with her own love story, she imparts with fluency and zest. Love, Again is a joy to read, full of humor and heart and sweet collective wisdom, a book for all ages.”
— Susan Trott, author of The Holy Man Trilogy

“In this inspiring exploration of fifteen late-in-life romances, Eve Pell illustrates the human appetite and capacity for romantic love at any age. As these men and women—widowed and divorced, gay and straight—share their stories of forging deep connections in their 60s, 70s, 80s and, yes, 90s, they deliver a heartwarming message: we are never too old for new love.” — Jill Smolowe, author of Four Funerals and a Wedding: Resilience in a Time of Grief

New Love & Widened Horizons Later in Life

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To my surprise, I've found that the heart doesn’t have to age; that attraction and excitement and the thrill of a new (or old) relationship can last until one’s last breath; with the accompanying dance toward intimacy taking shape in new and different ways. Love in old age is unexpectedly uplifting and in many ways better. The lessons learned along life’s path add new dimensions to the art of connection, enabling older people to finesse some of the glitches and difficulties that lead couples to conflict and heartache.

In January, 2013 the NY Times published my short story about my late-in-life love of Sam, fleshing out our backgrounds and the way our love grew. (The 1500 word limit for the Times column required that I omit many experiences and stories I’d have liked to include.)

The Times piece drew hundreds of responses, with some writers sharing their experiences of new love in old age. I wanted to interview them and include their stories, adding some variations of how love arises between mature men and women. Love, Again is the story of those couples and what I've learned from them.